Sickness Trends

Lately seeing patients with allergy symptoms, sneezing, running nose, and itchy eyes. Most allergies are being seen from ragweed, golden rod, and grasses at this time.

With school being in and daycares in full swing, we have seen a few cases of heal lice infestation. We have products available to help you in this case.

Upper Respiratory Infections with severe cough have been on the increase in the last 2 weeks. Some are viral in nature while others are bacterial. Please know the signs of each. Running a fever for longer than three days may mean you have upper respiratory infection which may require an antibiotic. Please feel free to contact us for recommendations for over-the-counter products that might help with your symptoms.

Some pediatric patients are being seen for flu-like symptoms, but are testing negative for the flu when swabbed. Know the signs and symptoms of the flu, if you are unsure please contact us for more information. Do not forget... Now is the time to get your flu shot.

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