Our New System All for You!

As of mid March, we have completely changed our pharmacy system to better serve you, our customers, patients, and "Pharm-ily". There are quite a few additions that made us want to make this change and most of them allow better communication between you and us! We have a shiny new app called RxLocal which allows you to access your whole profile from home, or anywhere you have access to a cell phone! With this app you can select each medication you want filled and send the request to us with the push of a button. You can also use this app to update insurance information, and even have a 2 way text conversation directly with us on the computer system at the pharmacy in real time! Similarly, you can still request refills from our website, but the refill request button will also show you your drug profile just like the app, allowing you to see all of your active medications and select the ones you would like to fill. One final addition (among many great advantages of the new system) is an established number for 2-way texting. Before you ever leave your home, feel free to text (910)312-2383 and let us know you are on your way with your name, date of birth and how many prescriptions you have ready for pick up and we will have them waiting for you! We can even use this number to offer you curb-side service during this time of (understandable) COVID-19 nervousness. We will continue to offer in-town delivery and our drive through window in addition to new curb-side service to improve safety measures during these times of uncertainty. Thank you for your business and support, we at Baldwin Woods Pharmacy love and care for all of our patients!

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